A Must For Wine ~ Cheeky Monkey


Our supplier brought out this line of wine’s a few years back, to provide for you the wines that were becoming very popular. the “critter wines”. The wines that poked fun at the ‘wine snobs’ but that also delivered greatly. cm-southafrican-cab-sauv

They succeeded  beyond expectations, the Cheeky Monkey wines quickly rose to become among our best sellers. The rich premium flavours captured our customers affection. Region specific you can enjoy wines from around the world, without making any travel plans. 

On sale this week we have three to offer you;

Each is $40.00/batch Off our regular price.

Pinot Gris Washington State (also known as Pinot Grigio)
President Washington would even GO APE over this wine! The lush soils and cool climate of the American North-West bring out CHEEKY aromas and tastes of pear, white peach and pineapple. but the real attitude comes through at the end. Great body, zesty acidity and a refreshing finish make this an amazing choice on its own or with light pasta, shrimp and chicken dishes.

Cabernet Sauvignon South Africa 
THIS WINE WILL AWAKEN YOUR INNER SPIRIT! With a deep red colour and aromas of strawberry jam, leather and plum your soul will be singing. The ATTITUDE becomes evident when you taste and experience full blueberry, strawberry and black cherry flavours before it finishes soft and easy. Ideal food pairings are tomato based pastas and red meats or while nibbling 3-6 year old cheddar.



Merlot Chile 
YO, YO, YO, THIS IS ONE TASTY MAIR-LO! This South American treat tingles the senses with its deep brick-red colour and rich fruity blackberry & plum aromas. The real CHEEKY-ness is found in the taste where flavours of fruit, cedar, earth and spice join to create a well structured wine with moderate tannins. For some Chilean attitude pair this wine with native dishes that include roast beef, lamb or pepper stir fry!